so here it is…i think my favorite part about it all is that when i look around, i can honestly say that almost everything in here was either thrifted, gifted, made, or repurposed.  i’ll do my best to explain as i go…


crib- gifted from mimi and papa:)

bumper, sheets, quilt, birds- made  by me, and a lot of fabrics used were some that i already had in my stash!

painted tree- done with a paint tester that i had on hand, and free handed.


window and closet coverings- cornice made by me, and curtains are made from flat sheets and trimmed out with little pink balls:)

frames- purchased at ikea and i added teal lace hem tape to the mattes.  these belly pics will be replaced by pics of her once she’s here:)

lamp- need a better picture of it, but it’s a vintage 40’s art deco glass lamp.  picked it up super cheap and re-wired it.  added a new lamp shade.

teal side table- purchased from my friend tamar and painted it teal to match the dresser.

chair-given to me by my sweet mom and i made a new slipcover for it with fabric i found at joann’s on clearance for $3 a yard!  not bad for $18! i can’t wait to spend time holding, rocking and nursing her in it!

ikea white lack nesting tables-  given to me by my friend joanne.


shelves- $1.99 spice racks from ikea spray painted to coordinate:)

vintage books- pulled from brothers room

picture of brothers and puzzle and sophie gifts:)

bird hooks-from joanns and spray painted white.

sling-made by me to carry my baby girl in:)



dresser- $80 find on craigslist.  painted it to match teal piping used on bumper and trim for quilt.  painted out original hardware white.

white frames- purchased from ikea and the prints were actually pulled from a book of birds by charley harper.  this is what started the whole room!!

white lined baskets- purchased at home goods and i made the liners out of scraps from the bumpers.

piggy bank- um this is my favorite part:)  gift from mimi:)


untitled-4 a couple of outfits i dyed and embellished for her before i put away all of my sewing the other day.  i can’t wait to put her in them along with her little hairbows from louandlee!


here i am at 37 weeks!  funny how i feel so incredibly HUGE and then i look at this and realize i’m pretty small this time around.  hopefully that will translate to a petite baby  :)


and clearly i’ve been having way too much fun gathering baby girls diaper stash :)

the countdown has begun…

Tina: Absolutely beautiful!

Cassie: I love everything about this room. The details are phenominal, and I SO love your style!! That piggy bank is the cutest piggy bank I've ever seen. :) >>>Cassie

Julie: Oh Beth ~ you are such an inspiration. I echo Cassie's comment as I too love everything about Baby Girl's room and I love your style. You make me so happy. God Bless Beth.

Jamie: it's absolutely beautiful beth :) i love the colors and the whimsy feel and the cute little there anything cute for boys?? i love love love the piggy bank....she didn't mention where she found it did she?? ;)

all because…

July 6, 2011

they wanted mustaches from the 50 cent machine at Petco…



i might just have snapped my favorite pictures of these crazies to date.  (i SWEAR i did not coach eli to twirl his stache…that was allllll him ;)  i’m thinking i need to do something big with these…any display ideas?

there is something a little creepy about the ones of eli.  the combination of his wild hair, the mustache and his missing teeth…and doesn’t he remind you a little of david spade in the pictures?  i wouldn’t say that (cause come on, who would want to look like david spade?)  except  that my boy is gorgeous, and he is bound to be much taller than 5 foot;)  anyway, my whole family was looking at me like i was losing it as i was editing these and wiping tears from my face and laughing so hard that i couldn’t form words.  there have been lots of tears today, so i’m glad that the day ended with happy tears:)  (i’m SO over-emotional right now…blame it on the pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pregnancy…:)

and how could i not include this one:


oh my gosh…i’m crying-laughing again just from scrolling down past the picture to type this.  it’s killin’ me…..

do you think i’m losing it?

stephanie from the whispering creek house: love these Beth!! so cute! you should have them made into huge canvas pictures! Eli looks like a 70's rock star in a rolling stones magazine!!!

Cassie: Love them! They are so great. :)

shower numero uno…

July 4, 2011

i was blessed by a group of amazing women with a celebration for our sweet baby girl!  the day started with my beautiful and talented friend tamar showing up and transforming my house into the perfect setting for the day…


then came shannon and joanne with delicious food and desserts to set up and fun games to prepare.  thank you so much girls for putting this together for me and baby girl!  you are all my family here and i am so grateful for each of you!

here are some photos from the party…it was a small gathering, but i think that it was exactly right:)

*some photos taken by my talented friend rachel:)


a perfect day!  and as you can see the theme of the gifts was a clean baby!  :)

thank you girls!

Vivian Hoffart: It was a beautiful shower, kudo's to Tamar, Joann and did an awesome job!

drumroll please…

June 20, 2011

i picked up these mid-century bergere chairs at value village about a year ago for $22 for the pair.  i loved the original upholstery, but as the living room came together they looked more and more dingy.  the original feather cushions would not hold their shape either.  i actually hated it when anyone would sit in them because when they got up there would be a booty print left in the seat.  i was constantly fluffing them:)


here is how they look now:


i fell in love with this fabric the minute i saw it.  knowing that i wanted to stick with the yellow from the original upholstery this was a perfect choice.  i primed a painted the frames black after i pulled all of the old fabric off and got started on putting them back together.  it took me a long time, because i just worked on them when i had time here and there.  it was fun figuring out how to do it, and if i wasn’t sure how to something i would google it and would inevitably come up with several tutorials and videos telling me how to move forward.


i took the cushions into a local upholsterer and had him re-stuff them.  so glad i did!  he only charged me $25 per chair and considering what i paid for the chairs themselves, it was a no brainer:)


i’ll try to get some photos today or tomorrow of the whole room.  and i was extremely blessed with a beautiful shower for baby girl over the weekend.  i will make sure and get some photos up soon of the celebration!

Anna Norman: Ummmmm....I have no comment for how amazing you are :) God sure has given you something special! Where did you learn to upholster? Also, where is that rug from? Girl-so talented are you.

terra: um, could you come to my house and work your magic? your talents are amazing!

…how did you get here so fast?

time is flying around here!  i’m so glad that i was kinda in a hurry to get things prepared around here, cause now i’m feeling like i need to slow down a little more:)  the nursery is almost done, but not completely.  here is a little peek at it as it is right now:




it’s getting there, but i still feel like there is something missing…i will photograph the whole thing in the next couple of weeks, but these will have to do for now ;)

last week my dear friend rachel came over to visit with her beautiful children.  she so kindly offered to take some photos of me and baby girl belly out on our property.  i was nervous about having my picture taken, and i changed my clothes several times before they got here!  but i am so glad that she took these beautiful photos…i know that baby girl will treasure them.  i have been feeling really big and unattractive lately, none of my clothes fit me (i wear a lot of eric’s shirts and sweats around the house) and my skin is probably the worst it has ever been.  after seeing these, (and using a little healing tool in photoshop on my face), i’m feeling a little bit better about myself:)




i am itching to schedule a photo session here at the house as i see things filling out around the creek out back.  i love our house this time of year!  i am on a hunt for the perfect hammock to tie out there between two trees.  i intend to spend july through whenever baby girl makes her arrival, out there lounging and reading while the boys bring me snacks and take care of me.  we’ll see how that works out:)

we recently welcomed two tiny kittens into our family.  i was completely against it, but have quickly made my way over the dark side.  they are too cute not to love.  and we could always use more capable mousers around here:)  hopefully someday, after jaydah has forgiven me, she’ll grow to love these two girls and teach them some of her hunting skills:)

introducing Sasha and Posey (respectively:):

posey’s little freckled pink nose is too much!  and can you even stand sasha’s milk moustache marking??




they are a great addition to our crazy house that is bound to continue to get crazier as we near the arrival of baby girl!!

Vivian Hoffart: Everything is beautiful and amazing, including you!

Anna Norman: OH I am soooo glad you put up pictures!!! You are so gifted-boy did God give you something incredibly special. And PS: you look gorgeous. Seriously-I pray I look like you :) (Except for the whole me being a few inches taller thing)

Tiffany: Hey ya, so will you come decorate my baby's nursery? Seriously so gorgeous Beth! Great post!

natalie: I have nursery envy! I my sister told me about all of your great crafty things you do. I adore the dresser!!! Can't wait to see more.


May 19, 2011

almost 27 weeks baby!  this little girl is already giving me a run for my money:)  and yes, i know that i cut my head off in every photo, but my skin is off the hook with this pregnancy, and to be honest it does no good to cover it up, and it hurts too much anyway.  so ya’ll are gonna have to deal with headless shots until something changes…;)


wouldn’t you rather look at these perfect faces anyway?  i know i would.  eli lost his other top tooth at school last week.  he looks so different already!


last night dylan finally pulled out his first tooth.  thank goodness, cause i couldn’t handle it just hanging there any longer!  i love how proud he looks!  and of course he had to write the tooth fairy a little note….( please excuse the cell phone pics. mama was too tired to get the big camera out:)


today was eventful.  dylan crashed REALLY bad on his bike on our gravel driveway and messed up his little knee and elbows pretty bad.  he even scraped up his precious face.  as i saw it happening, i ran to him, scooped him up and ran in the house.  he cried and begged for about a half hour for me not to clean it out.  it was heartbreaking!  his knee is the worst, but by the time we needed to leave for his game, he was pretty proud of his scrape on his face…such a boy!

while bored in the dugout he was messing with his other tooth, and pulled it out!  every time he batted, he would get on base and you would see him talking to either the base coach or the baseman showing them his face and his teeth.


he made sure to write the tooth fairy another note…i love him.

i’ve been recovering the past couple of days from my trip with Aunt Tam to The International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City that we attended last weekend.  it was a SUPER successful trip, and i will be sharing more in the next few days.  be prepared for lots of beautiful images of fabric that we have to look forward to coming soon!

Anna Norman: You are the cutest thing ever! And your can tell how much they just adore you and how loved they know they are by you. Wish we lived closer and I could bring you some lemon cookies :)


May 4, 2011

means baseball.  that is what our life is right now:)   between the two boys we have 4 games a week and possible practices.  it’s a little crazy to keep up with, but so worth it:)  they look so cute out there in their uniforms looking all professional and stuff…



dylan hasn’t decided whether he likes it or not.  he can be quite the complainer sometimes when he is playing outfield, but he takes batting and running the bases pretty seriously:)


this little guy is growing up before my eyes.  he lost his first top tooth last week, and he looks so different to me.  the one next to it is going to fall out any day,  and then come the big ‘uns.  his little boy face is almost gone ;(  but look at how handsome he is becoming…

dylan is about ready to lose his first tooth, and he is eagerly anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy.  i hope the fairy remembers that eli got $5 for his first tooth, cause i’m pretty sure that dylan is counting on the same…

belly-and-babyroom-010web1this little girly is almost 25 weeks.  it’s going so fast…probably cause we are so busy:)  i can’t stop myself from working on getting things ready for her.  i just finished sewing all of her bedding last week, and i put two coats of paint on the dresser this afternoon.  i waiting on a replacement part for the crib to get here so i can set it all up, and there will be lots of pictures to share.  i keep telling myself that i’m only gonna get bigger, and the weather is only gonna get hotter, so now is the time to get all of this done.  i think i am doing pretty darn good at this point.  hopefully i don’t lose this motivation before i get it all done…

i’ll be back soon with visual updates of her room….and dylan’s toothless grin ;)

Cassie: I love your family updates! Hope you had a blast at Market!!

a new adventure

April 9, 2011


it’s a girl!  we are all so thrilled!  we found out a couple of weeks ago, and on the way home form the ultrasound, i stopped at SISSY’S to gather supplies for these little shoes that i’ve been dying to make (and dying to have a reason to make;)


they turned out really cute, and i can’t wait until i can put them on her little tootsies…

the room planning is full force!  sleeping at night is becoming more of a challenge as i dream and plan of all the things i need to do before mid-august.  this is where i am at with it all so far.  however i reserve the right to change my mind on anything and everything as things start to come together;)


#1- top of the wall painted benjamin moore’s swiss coffee
bottom of the walls painted benjamin moore’s seaweed separated with a simple white chair rail.
#2 Baby Mod - ParkLane 3-in-1 Baby Convertible Crib- love the simplicity of this. and the storage at the bottom is a bonus! i wanted something she can grow with since this looks like it’ll be our last baby.
#3 my sweet mom gave us a comfy overstuffed rocker similiar to this one. i want to slipcover it in something like this pink fretwork fabric.
#4 charley harper bird art. this is where it all began. i am in love with the colors and lines of his work. the book i ordered will be here this week, and i will make the final decisions on what prints to frame in these super awesome odby frames from ikea…since the walls are white, i may decide to paint out the frames, too:)
#5 the fabric. anna maria horner’s golden velveteen will play a star part in the bedding for richness and texture. the other is joel dewberry’s vintage yellow woodgrain. with LOTS of colorful scraps mixed in. i’ll keep the rest of the bedding ideas for the reveal…it’s going to be beautiful!
#6 i am on a hunt for a vintage dresser with similiar lines to this one for the changing table. i want it to be feminine and contrast with the modern crib. i plan to paint it this bold dark burgundy from benjamin moore.

i still need to come up with lighting, window coverings, and a side table for the rocker. but this is the start!! now i need to get to work:)

any ideas are welcome!  this is in the first planning stages.  i hope to begin the crib quilt this weekend.  i’ll keep the details to myself in case i fail miserably…but if i succeed it will be unbelievable darling:)

Cassie: Love your choices. Oh, yes. Love Anna Marie Horner fabrics. Can't wait to see you pull it all together. :)

Kelly Harper: Beth, Congrats on your new baby girl! I have ALWAYS loved your sense of style and eye for photography! I have to say that when I was first starting out {getting into photography}, your work seemed to spur me on! Thought I would say hey from one of your faithful blog readers!

Melissa: Hi there - I hopped on over from the Due in August forum in DS :), I am in love with your style. I am DYING to know where you got the pattern to make those darling shoes. We are having our first girl (after 2 boys as well) and those shoes... well, I think I just *have* to have a pair :)

so much time has passed…

February 24, 2011

since i have stopped in here.  if anyone reads this anymore, this is for you;)

we have been lucky to have lots of beautiful snow this week, and today i decided to pick up my camera and get some pictures of the boys playing in it before it’s gone.  i haven’t been motivated to take pictures in some time.  it’s actually been an entire month since i have even touched my camera!  crazy!  the snow created a perfect backdrop for me to jump back on the wagon.  here are some shots of my beautiful crazy boys:


dylan decided he was a puppy.  and he commited to it.



i’m not sure i can put into words how in love with these boys i am.


dylan…always the entertainment, and eli always the encourager ;)


not sure what was happening in that picture up above.  but it might just be my favorite of the bunch…silly boys!


i’m so excited to say that we’ll be adding another little love to the bunch in august.  lots of daydreaming happening over here at about the possibilities of what’s to come; boy? girl? blue eyes? green eyes? curly hair? straight?  the boys are having fun being a part of the whole process…dylan got to be at the first ultra sound (although he couldn’t understand how that was really a baby ;) and they have both been able to hear the heartbeat.  i so enjoy fridays when we sit down and talk about how big the baby is (usually in relation to a food) and it’s development in that particular week.  on march 21st we will all get to be at the ultra sound where we will find out whether this little peanut is a boy or a girl.  dylan thinks it has to be a girl “cause he has too many boys on his team already”.  of course either way we are completely thrilled!

my pregnancies with eli and dylan were really rough.  sick and vomiting daily of almost the entire pregnancy!  zofran was my best friend.  this time couldn’t be more opposite!  other than nausea all day from about week 7 to week 13, and a few times of actually getting sick i am feeling great!  and when i’m trying to go to sleep at night i’m already feeling this sweet little person turning somersaults in my belly;)

i’ve had some interesting cravings this time around…for the first month or so, i really wanted totinos pizza.  gross but oh so good!  and at like 10am, too!  the breakfast of champions… but was has really stuck around is caprese salad.  you know, tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella, fresh basil, with balsamic and olive oil…my mouth is watering just thinking about it right now!  and candy.  i NEVER buy or eat candy.  my poor kids have been deprived of the sweets of childhood!  i haven’t visited a candy isle in years, and literally haven’t eaten a candy bar in about 10 years.  but now, it’s one of the only things i want.  mostly sweet tarts.  something about them calms my tummy.  my boys are loving it though…my mother’s guilt sets in as i sit and eat the sugary goodness and they look at me with those baby blues all sad and wanting.  they’ve probably had more candy in the last three months than they have their entire lives!  it won’t hurt them, right?  we’ll have to all go on a sugar detox once this baby arrives:)

so that’s what’s going on around here!  another exciting year for the feigner’s! i hope i didn’t bore ya’ll, i just realized that i haven’t written anything down, and this is as good a place as any:)  i’ll do my best to be back sooner rather than later!

amy kelly: i always love your blog posts, beth and of course your photography too! love hearing about your precious family and sooo excited for you. congrats!

Vivian Hoffart: Welcome back!

terra: A BIG congratulations on your newest addition. What exciting news! I had to crack up as you described your cravings...I had a lot of the same cravings with my pregnancy with Myles....Totino's Pizza and sour candy :) Too funny!

Andrea Foster: Keep them coming!!! I love your posts! Cannot wait to find out what you are having. And I want to see more pictures of your home!

so far behind.

November 14, 2010

this has literally been the craziest year of our lives.  i guess it would seem normal that i feel like i’m running about 2500 steps behind the now.  just trying to pick up pieces that have fallen through the cracks of the last 9 months.  i’m ready to be present.  i’m just not sure how to go about that.  do i just leave what’s chillin’ undone in the past?  or do i keep playing catch up?  you see, these things haunt me in the night, in the day, in my work, in every aspect of my life.  so i ask you blog readers (if i even have any anymore…since as you see i am SO far behind in posting anything)  how do you do it?  how do you manage to keep up on everything?  and if you don’t, how do you let things go.  i need tools.

eric would tell me to not take on so much.  that seems pretty simple, ya?  well, i just have too many things that i love.

sometimes i just wish that i could lose the computer and the cell phone and live like i’m in the prairie days.  (you know what i mean…)  but that just isn’t an option.  i mean my business depends on those two things.

with all that said, i would love some tips on how ya’ll manage your home, children, work, marriage, laundry, hobbies, cooking meals (this is a big one for me) and just plain time.

here are some photos of a wonderful evening we spent taking time away from all the crazy and focused on our boys.  i kinda feel like this night marked the beginning of a re-focus if you will.  as much as we love our new home, it has two very distinct sides.  1.  it is so peaceful and relaxing, and it’s my favorite place to be.  and 2. it is constant work, a time suck, a money suck and unfortunately (and fortunately) all of the potential to be the most amazing forever family home.  (notice the word potential:)

we needed a break, and we did just that.  we escaped our escape.












a perfect evening.

seriously though…any tips would be appreciated…

rendy: Well, if you ask me you're doing good to have a. taken pictures of your family and b. edited those pictures. I agree with Eric. You've got to learn to say no and not take on so much. It's really hard for me too. Also, you need to be able to accept that you can't be awesome at everything. And you're already awesome at so much so who cares if you're not Betty Crocker?! My house is almost ALWAYS a disaster and my dishes are never clean. But most of the time my kids are happy. :) Good luck finding the balance.

Megan: Beth, I think you sell yourself short, saying that you are so far behind. The things that get left undone are sometimes that way for a reason. I also think that anymore there is too much emphasis on perfection where it doesn't really matter; the dishes, cooking, laundry, staying constantly up to date, etc. and not enough in the areas where it makes all the difference in the world; family, morals, and integrity. I know I don't know as well as a lot of people, but I think I know you well enough to say that you have the most important areas covered and the others you do your best in and that's all you can do. Just don't ever sacrifice the really important things in order to meet some unrealistic standard society/we sets for us. Hope this helps.

terra: so good to see an update! your boys are getting so big. i think its impossible to always be up to date or on top of things...we do the best we can. i am sure you are doing a fantastic job all around! :) keep up the good work...good to see you back my friend :)