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March 31, 2007

we went saleing this morning! this time of year, every couple of weeks, we get up throw on some clothes, get some food in the kids, grab some coffee, and just drive. hunting for those fantastic little signs that say “SALE!” i can always find things here and there, but there is nothing like bringing home a BIG find! this morning, we hit a few duds, and i was feeling like we were probably going home empty handed, when out in the country, we see a sign for an estate sale, now that usually means FURNITURE! we don’t have a lot of room, so i wasn’t expecting to take anything home, but i walked in, and this chest just called out to me. i just LOVE the copper on the corners, and the finish is all old and worn. it’s pretty big, perfect for storing the many blankets that are pouring out of my linen closet!

Gone fishin’……………..
Eric and Eli are out catching dinner right now! (haha) eli has been wanting to go with eric for months, and when eric suggested it earlier, eli was beside himself! can’t you see the pride on his face?

March 28, 2007

blog hopping?
so, i was reading karyn’s blog last night, and she had this great idea. don’t we all go blog hopping? going from one blog to the next, checking out friends of our friends of their friends……. (okay, i think you get the idea) but we don’t leave comments. so, here’s an invitation to you, whoever is reading this, to just leave a comment. i think it would be fun to see who is actually reading my blog. (if anyone!) maybe you could try this too! meet new people, make new friends, add someone new into your little blog network, who knows what will happen!

March 27, 2007

Emma’s birthday present………..
okay, i probably shouldn’t be posting this yet, but i’m just excited about it. i can’t keep secrets very well! i finished it this morning, isn’t it darling? you can’t tell very good in the picture, but the bottom layers are lime green! emma just started ballet, so i thought this would be perfect, it might be a little fancy for lessons, but it will be perfect for any other time. i told her on the phone this morning she could wear it to target! all i have to say, is i’d better see some pictures of her wearing it!
eli has been making pictures for emma’s birthday for over a week. everything that he creates is “for emma”. i wrote her name on this one, and eli copied it. don’t you just love his writing? so artistic. we are going to visit a preschool for him on friday. i can hardly believe my baby is old enough for preschool! it is less than two miles from our house, and it’s a co-op, so eric and i can work in the class every other week! i can even bring dylan when i do. one of the open days is fridays, and eric makes his own hours on fridays, so he can help, too. i hope it all works out, it would be SO perfect. oh, and the adult child ratio is 1 to 2.5 kids isn’t that great?
yesterday i took six of my paintings to a little boutique in Vancouver, Tiny Hiny’s, and they loved them! it really makes me feel more confident when people are excited about my work!

March 26, 2007

we went to the park today because the weather ended up being really nice. i think we are all feeling a little relieved that the month is almost over. not that it hasn’t been a lot of fun, we just haven’t stopped!
like father like son!

my baby!

the boys are really starting to be buds! they have SO much fun playing and wrestling together. and they can sure get eachother laughing!

March 23, 2007

My Dylan…………..
just some pictures of dylan playing the other day. eli was sleeping (shocking i know!) and dylan seems to come out of himself a bit more when eli’s not around. not that dylan doesn’t have personality, don’t get me wrong, i think he just doesn’t feel like he’s competing with his big brother!

March 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know it was yesterday, i talked to both of you, i just never made it out to the computer! i just wanted to tell you both how much i love you and i thank you for all of your guidance and love no matter what! this picture represents one of the most important days in my life and i thank God that he brought you two together 21 years ago! i pray for many more years of happiness! thank you also for being the BEST Mimi and Papa ever!!!!!!!!

March 18, 2007

Silver Falls
my brother matt and his friend jonnie are here for the week and eric and i wanted to take them to do something fun for the day. we haven’t been to silver falls for a long time, but it was a place we went quite often before the babies came along! we actually got a cabin and stayed there for three days right after our wedding, ( our honeymoon was three months later in Maui) anyway, so it turned out to be an amazing day. sunshine and in the mid 60s. days like that make ALL the rain worth it! there were definetely challenging moments, because it was A LOT of walking and A LOT uphill! Eli and I had the hardest time. i found out that i am pretty wimpy. maybe it’s time to start working out again! Dylan has had a cold, and he was crabby a little, but all in all it was a great day! there is nothing like spending a day in all of God’s beauty! the sound of the water falls is SO intense, yet one of the most calming sounds ever. i’m just so happy that we are blessed to live in a place where it is so easy to take a day and get away from all of the busy life stuff and escape into God’s beauty. thanks matt and jonnie for letting us take you on this little adventure!

March 16, 2007

what are you gonna do?
so, i’ve been cleaning today because my brother and his friend jonnie are coming tonight to stay with us, and i was in cleaning my room. i had just made my bed, and mr. eli decided that it looked like a good place to play. at first i wasn’t to excited about it, but then i thought that it really wasn’t that big of a deal, i mean how long does it really take to make a bed? and does it really compare to the fun he was having? and, hey what a great opportunity to play around with my new flash i got for my birthday! cleaning can wait! eli could use the attention anyway…

March 13, 2007

to fully appreciate these pictures, you have to understand that eli has never been to fond of dogs. he has had a few run ins with a couple of overexcited dogs in our neighborhood who tend to get out and run free. we weren’t sure how he was going to do with molly while we were visiting Matt and jamie. at first, he was fine as long as Molly was on a leash in the house, and he could take her “for walks”. I think he thought that as long as he was in control, that he was safe. luckily, Molly didn’t seem to mind. She was SO good with eli and dylan! by the second day, when we were at the zoo, he was asking if we could “go home and see molly”. in Eli’s words “I just LOVE her!”

March 13, 2007

okay, so i’m sure everyone is getting tired of my pictures from Arizona, but i just miss it so much, and these pictures need to be shared! Matt and Jamie are the best Aunt and and Uncle ever, and in Eli’s words we “miss them everyday”.