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May 27, 2007

A few from today….
it’s not often that i get pictures of the boys together…..they always seem to be going in different directions! so i was quite thrilled to be able to capture them hanging out some today! although eli was supposed to be “helping” eric build a bird house, dylan’s apple was much more interesting, and he pretty much spent the whole time trying to “teach” dylan how to share!

May 26, 2007

i know i haven’t posted much of the boys lately….so i finally got my camera out at home, and here are a few of my favorites from the last couple of days! …bath time….

dylan and jaydah having a moment….. she is seriously the BEST cat! no matter how much the boys have put her through, she can’t help but love them!

May 24, 2007

last saturday night i had the opportunity to go to a wedding with some friends i haven’t hung out with in a long time! earlier that day i was taking photos at a recital for hannah’s dance company, and then i just spent the day with them afterwards. i had so much fun dancing the night away and just being me for a day. it’s amazing how we forget what that is like. i think that it’s so good to have those times away from your babies so that you can come home and appreciate them even more. that night when i got home, hannah, mel, and i spent some time praying in the car out front of my house for eachother, and the things that are going on in our lives. i just feel so blessed to have friends that i can have so much fun with, but that i can also go to for support and prayer. hannah is home from atlanta, georgia, for a few weeks, and i’m really looking forward to having some more girl time while she is home!!! louise (mel’s mom) me, hannah, and melody
thanks girls!!!

May 18, 2007

this afternoon, i took some senior pics of evan. he’s a good friend of mine, melody’s, little brother. it was fun, he’s a really cool kid, fun, easy to talk to. we ended up with a lot of great shots. i think this is my favorite, but there’s more on my photography site. thanks, evan!!

May 13, 2007

i had a shoot this afternoon with this adorable little girl, Coco. she was a lot of fun, tons of personality! i can’t get over her eyes. check the rest of my favorites on my photography blog!

May 8, 2007
strawberry milkshakes….….on a warm spring afternoon ….
…..hanging out with my boys…..
….does it get any better?

May 7, 2007

i just got done editing some pictures from a senior portraits shoot i did this afternoon. the pictures turned out SO well! i posted a bunch of my favorites on my photography blog, check them out! christine is the sweetest girl ever, and she was so much fun! it wasn’t too hard, she is very pretty!

May 3, 2007

Weston Allen Long…….
shannon and mark’s new little one……..isn’t he so sweet? it brings back so many memories, just holding a little one like that again. he’s such a good baby! they are very blessed….. he sleeps good, he eats good, he’s darling, what more could you ask for? i can’t wait to watch him grow and change!