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happy halloween!

October 31, 2008
from Curious George and The Man with The Yellow Hat:)

not the best pictures, but the best i could do this early in the morning….and it’s POURING outside:(
hopefully it wil clear up this afternoon!
anyway…could they be any cuter?
we’ve been working hard on these costumes for the last couple of weeks, and the boys have been dying to wear them! so as soon as they had breakfast this morning, they just had to put them on! love it.

hope you all have a safe and happy halloween!

be sure to scroll down to see some pumpkin carving:)

pumpkin carving…

October 31, 2008
on sunday after the pumpkin patch, we dug into our pumpkins.
dylan trying to decide if he wants to….

eli’s sweet, messy little hands:)

working together…

i LOVE this.

eli carved his pumpkin all by himself. using a butter knife! just wait until you see the results.

dylan thought he needed to feed his pumpkin…..pumpkin:)

yes, eric takes his pumpkin carving very seriously:)

eli’s masterpiece. he gave it teeth and all!

eric’s masterpiece. i haven’t gotten a good picture of all of the pumpkins together….maybe tonight.

pumpkin farm part 2…

October 29, 2008
eric and i took the boys out on sunday. it was seriously a gorgeous fall day…except for a few strong gusts of wind (you’ll see once you scroll down :).
before the farm, we grabbed a snack, and headed to lucia falls up the road. i LOVE that there are so many beautiful places so close to us!
i think i got some of my best pictures of the boys before we even got to the pumpkin farm.
eric caught these of my dylan and i.
i love how his eyes are smiling in the first one.

eli caught in a windstorm…one minute we were petting and feeding the animals, and the next minute my son was literally being blown away!
i can’t look at these pictures without laughing. i love the expressions on his face, and the way his hair is all crazy. love them.
and the memory of him throwing himself through the air everytime the wind even remotely blew the the rest of the afternoon makes me laugh out loud!
crazy kid.

we had a great day!

man, i can’t wait for halloween!

the S family…

October 27, 2008
remember these sweet little girls?
well, on friday afternoon, i met up with the whole family for some pictures of them all together.
the colors downtown are so awesome right now…i LOVE fall!
i think we got some really great shots, it wasn’t hard, they are a beautiful family!

pumpkin farm part one…

October 25, 2008
we went to the pumpkin farm with eli’s class on thursday.
of course we had fun! the pumpkin farm is one thing i don’t think i can live without. i don’t think that i’ve gone a fall without a trip to the pumpkin farm my whole life.
it’s a must:)
and i love seeing my boys enjoy it, too! this is part one, because eric and i will take the boys this weekend. i can’t wait!
so here are some memories from thursday:
my handsome eli…i mean seriously…

feeding the animals…

going through the hay bale maze…

my handsome dylan…. i mean seriously…again…

checking out the merchandise…

dylan found his real quick…

eli’s teacher, miss virginia, has a rule that the kids have to be able to carry their own pumpkin out of the field and to the car. what is the experience if they just point to one, and mom or dad carries it for them. i completely agree.

so i was wondering how it would go when eli was telling everyone that he was
“going to get a pumpkin that was bigger than a grown up”.
well…he carried this one about 3/4 of the way out of the feild to the tractor.

and finally put it down after much struggle.once it was down, he turned around and picked up almost the first one he saw. a more appropriately sized pumpkin.

i just love mister dylan’s expression here:)

and here:)

to be continued….

man, how i love this face.

the many faces of eli…

October 17, 2008
i’m shooting a wedding on november 1st, and i have fallen in love with the idea of having a photo booth for the guests at the reception. so yesterday, i set it up in the living room, and asked eli to be my model. i told him he could be as silly as he wanted…and he agreed to help me out.
i’m lovin’ the results.


October 16, 2008

Leanne won project runway!

leanne and i were inseperable as kids. we danced together at colleen’s dance factory for years.
and we spent hours dreaming about being in the miss usa or miss america wearing beautiful gowns designed by us, teaching ourselves to back flips in her parents living room, and just being girls. good times.
so i was excited when my mom called a couple of months back to say she ran into leanne’s mom in town, and that leanne was living in portland. i found her email and got ahold of her. sure enough she was right over the river. a couple of weeks later i saw a blog post from a fellow blogger (she was in the pageant with leanne and i back in the day:) that leanne was on project runway! craziness.
we had lunch back in august, and i’m so happy to say that she’s that same girl that i spent so much time with. she even looks the same:) i wish that i would have known she was so close sooner, i’m sure she’ll be moving on soon.
her stuff is AMAZING! i want to take her collection she showed at fashion week, and just hang it all over my house. it matches perfectly:)
who knew that that little 12 year old girl sitting in her living room, drawing evening gowns with crayons would grow up to win project runway….it was meant to be:)
can i just say i’m a little proud:)
my mom and i found some pictures of leanne and i when i was home a few weeks ago.
don’t you just love those costumes?

congrats leanne!!!!


October 13, 2008
i had the best time hanging out with this amazing girl and her mom yesterday.
not only is she g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. she’s a sweetheart, too.

i’m trying to resist posting more…i don’t think i could take a bad picture of her!
thanks vivan…i hope you like them as much as i do:)

three beauties…

October 12, 2008
i got to meet these three little ladies and thier mom on friday evening.
i can’t wait to take the whole families pictures in a couple of weeks!
they are so sweet!

i think this is my favorite:)

or maybe this one…she looks like she is enjoying the sunshine:)

thank you kelly! your girls are adorable!