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some exciting news….

November 30, 2008
to share…this little gift i made is the clue.
isn’t it so fun? you can get the pattern here
just know that there is a lot of hand sewing, and i am not the best hand sewer in the world:)
let’s just say that it’s a good thing i am not a perfectionist!
i don’t think that the little guy that will get to play with this will mind if the rings are a little warped here and there, do you?

anyway, i also made this little bumble bee to go with it that i dreamed up in my head, and in the end wasn’t so sure about. i forgot to take pictures of it before it flew off to arizona with the new parents to be, but you can see it by going here….you’ll also be able to read the amazing story that is unfolding!

i’ll let you read it in jamie’s words, just bring a tissue….

can i just say that i am a very excited auntie, and i am quite pleased that the baby will be born SO close! you know i can’t wait to meet him!

i just love matt and jamie, and i am just soooo happy for them!

little betta…

November 18, 2008
oh, how sweet is this little one?

they had just gotten in the night before from london, where they live.
betta was such a trooper! the perfect little model!
just days from turning one year old, all she wanted to do is walk around holding on to mom and dad’s finger’s….too cute!

my man’s birthday….

November 16, 2008
is tomorrow.
i wanted to do a little post for him this evening….he has decided that for his birthday tomorrow that he wants to spend the day making tamales at his parents house. since we are going to be busy cooking all day, i didn’t want to go without posting.
mmmmmm, my house smells SO good right now!
eric has been working on the filling for the tamales. i have to say it’s really nice having an AMAZING cook for a husband! he takes great care of me!
today we were driving around taking in the beautiful day that it was ( not sure how many more beautiful days we’ll be having here in the northwest:) and we came across this cool wall. what a great opportunity to take some pictures of my handsome husband.

love this look:)
so happy birthday, my love.
thank you for being so loving and supportive over the last 7 years.
you are the most amazing father to our boys, and i couldn’t imagine life without you.
enjoy your day, i love you!

these little leaves were waiting for us when we returned home this afternoon.
our tree is pretty much bare otherwise.
eric got the ladder out for me, so i could photograph them. i’m so glad he did:)
is fall really almost over?

these two…

November 15, 2008
it’s been a crazy month.
and these two have felt it for sure. i’m so looking forward to slowing down as the holidays get closer. i’m feeling like the simple times are slipping away. whe we could just wear our jams all day, and sit on the couch and read for hours. there is always something happening, something else to do.
will it ever be the way it was again?
i suddenly have been feeling like i want to put a stop to all the growing that has been happening around here. keep my boys little forever.
it’s still like 10 months away, but i find myself starting to cry over the thought of eli going off to school. what do you think i’ll be like when he really does?

and mister dylan, always in a hurry to keep up with brother. wanting to be a big boy sooo bad.
and then i see him walking down the hallway with his “bambek” (blanket) trailing behind him. my little linus. please stay my baby for a bit longer……

the H family…

November 12, 2008
we got lucky with a nice break in the rain on sunday,

and we were able to get some great pictures of this beautiful family!
i photographed these little ones over the summer, you might remember them from this post.
so of course i was excited when they called for a family session:)

i had so much fun photographing this wedding. these two were SO much fun to work with!

they made my job really easy. so laid back, and up for anything.
the weather broke just as alyssa arrived, and we were able to shoot all of their formals outside.
it ended up being a beautiful fall afternoon.

Align Centerhere she is getting ready….

the first look…

the rings…

the BEAUTIFUL couple…


the boys…

the girls…

the flower girl and ringbearer….

the place that the wedding and reception were held was really beautiful.
it was perfect.
i’ll save the rest for them to share:)
thank you alyssa and josiah, for asking me to be a small part of this special day!
soooo, i shot my first wedding last week.
can i just say that it was awesome, and i couldn’t have done it wothout eric,
and i wouldn’t have wanted to do it for any one else but this sweet couple.
eric ran the photobooth at the reception, and it was a hit!
we got some great memories of the guests being silly and hamming it up.
i can’t imagine not doing this at a reception. it was a blast!
here are some favorites:
the bride, groom, and friends pete and tamar….

parents and brother of the groom…

josiah and his mom….

josiah getting taken out by his brother…

alyssa one of her bridesmaids…

the girls…

anyone having prom flashbacks??

come on….be crazy!

mother of the bride, and mother of the groom…

the ringbearer and his mom…

th girls who were working the kitchen….so fun!

eric did a great job! thanks babe:)
i hope to have a sneak peek of the wedding up sometime this weekend.
all i can say is amazing.
how does time go so fast?
my sweet mister dylan is three today.
an i love everything about being his momma.
from his sweet “good morning momma’s” to the frustrated fits of a baby becoming a boy.
i wouldn’t change a thing.
i love you my dylan, and i’m so happy to be your mommy.