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beachy beach…

March 31, 2009

we headed to lincoln city last thursday after the boys got out of school.  other than getting rear-ended three miles from our destination, we really had a great time away.  the weather was great when we arrived, and after recovering from the accident, and a quick stop at the outlets, we checked into our room, and walked down to the beach.

i just love how serious eli gets about “exploring” and collecting his “treasures”.  i didn’t catch many pictures of him thursday afternoon, but dylan was letting me snap them away of him.  here is our first day at the beach in pictures:












like i said, dylan was much easier to snap pictures of:)  the ones of him and eric are my favorites.  nothing makes me feel more happy and content than seeing eric with our boys.  the connection between them is so beautiful…can’t you see it?

hopefully i’ll get to the aquarium pictures from friday in the next day or so…eli was definetly in his element there…


March 24, 2009

first day of preschool.  he’s already too cool for mommy to take pictures of.



yesterday he had his first dentist appointment.  check out those pearly whites…man i love his mouth:)

last night was his first night without a “passy”.  not because i took it, we just couldn’t find one.  he broke my heart when he cried for it like he had lost a friend:(  it’s so hard to see my baby growing up.  when he found it this morning, his excitement equaled someone who had found their long lost friend.  i’m not sure how i’m going to handle it…like i said…breaks my heart.

and my little man has potty trained himself.  that’s right…i said “himself”.  after having such a hard time with eli, i refused to push my timing on dylan.  after all, they are not going to go to high school in pull ups…right?  then one day our neigbors were over, and something clicked for him.  i think he realized he was the only one wearing a diaper.  i found him in his room with the door shut, putting on unders.  he’s been pretty much done since then.  of course he’s had a few accidents, but he hasn’t looked back.

i’m feeling a little sad, but mostly proud of the little man my baby is becoming.  he’s so incredibly sweet.  has the best sense of humor.  his facial expressions are my favorite things to see, and his little lisp is my favorite thing to hear.  and i hope he never stops “showing” me how he wants his back massaged at night.

oh, mister dylan.

sooo sweet…

March 24, 2009

there is something special about these two little ones.  i think it’s apparent even in these photos.  i am so lucky to have been given the chance to photograph them last weekend.  thank you melissa for working with me last minute, and for introducing me to your sweet children.










the gallagher family

March 24, 2009

i had the chance to photograph my beautiful best friend and her sweet family while i was in cali.  the weather ended up being less than desirable, and with a little one not yet walking (but extremely mobile), we opted to stay indoors.  luckily she has this fun red wall in her dining room that made for a fun background.

we had all been out pretty late the night before at her sister, tami’s wedding.  but the girls were wonderful, and we were able to get some fun shots, that i hope show a little bit of their personalities:)  even jamie was a good sport and got in on some of the pictures:)










i miss you guys!  hopefully we’ll get to see you soon!  and next time i’ll bring the boys to play!

beautiful family…

March 18, 2009











one of my favorite sessions ever!  these kids were beyond easy to work with, and as you can see, they are absolutely gorgeous!  i can’t tell you how enjoyable and easy this was for me.  my dad came along to help me out, and we had a lot of fun.

thank you tamara for letting me photograph your beautiful children.  i hope you enjoy this little sneak peek…there are lots more where these came from!

a new season…

March 9, 2009

today was interesting.  snow showers mixed with sunshine, and the beautiful signs of new life….spring is upon us.

and i’m turning 28.  not sure how i feel about it yet…ask me in a couple of weeks when it has sunk in that i’m closer than ever to the big 3-0.  never thought it would bother me…but i guess it does…

some “new life” i came upon on our walk through lewisville park this afternoon…


it’s snowing out again, but i’m hoping for some more sunshine soon, and i’m looking forward to flying home on thursday…all by myself.  yay!

maybe then i will have something a little more interesting to post about:)