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out of town…

May 24, 2009

my baby brother is getting married on saturday in tahoe!  so we are heading out this afternoon to go down for the week.  i won’t be returning emails while we are away…

i will return with much to share, i’m sure:)


May 15, 2009

isn’t she the cutest?  i made her this little top for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, and i was so excited to take her pictures in it:)  when her mommy brought her over the other afternoon, eli answered the door and said “oh annaliese, you look so beautiful.”  so cute:)

it was crazy weather this day, and it was raining on and off.  when annaliese and i got to were we were going to take pictures, it started pouring!  the clouds looked like they were moving pretty fast, so we went into a coffe shop and got coffee, chocolate milk and a couple of cookies.  after the rain passed, we headed outside.  she didn’t last very long, but we got some cute shots…how could i not?




first i want to say a big happy mother’s day to my beautiful mommy.  i love you, and i wish that i was with you on sunday, and well…everyday:)  and to all those mother’s out there that constantly inspire me.  my sister’s heather and jamie.  thank you heather for gifting me with two sweet nieces that i love more than i could have ever imagined. and jamie, i couldn’t be more happy to wish you “happy mother’s day” this year.  to have been able to witness your miracle as it unfolded, i have been truly blessed.  i love you both!

my beautiful friends.  thanks for being there, shoulders to cry on, hugs given, and advice sought.  and of course all the laughter.

my boys, for making me a mommy.  my life began with you.




and now on to a new friend.  a couple of weeks ago, i was at the mall with my boys.  i know, you say, “the mall???”  i seriously hadn’t been brave enough in atleast 6 months to take them into that crazy place.  but here we were.  i was denim hungry, and i wasn’t letting two crazy animals to stand in my way.

they were really pretty well behaved, and so i was rewarding them with some playtime in the kid area.  all of a sudden this adorable mommy came and sat down beside me.  one of the first things i noticed (after how stinkin’ cute her baby was:) was that she had the cutest baby sling made out of AMY BUTLER fabric!  i couldn’t help but compliment her.    and so began a friendship.  in a ten minute conversation we had determined that:

1. she loved fabric as much as i do…okay, she’s obsessed just like me:)

2. her 3 year old is named dylan….just like mine:)

3. she’s totally into photography…are you getting it yet?

so i gave her my card, cause who has a pen that they can get to when they need it?  and she emailed me, even though her husband teased her about it:)  and we were instantly friends.

i don’t know if i have ever met someone that i have more in common with.  crazy weird things….i’m telling you it’s insane!  in the last couple of weeks, i have found a new super close friend…….that is moving away (like HOURS) away in a month:(

but i have a feeling that we’ll stay in touch.  dylan andre is pretty attached to dylan tucker, too:)

on saturday, we had a sewing night at her house, and we had a blast.  here are a few pics from the evening:


of course we made a mess, and miss scarlett was so much help:)


just a little bit of evidence of the craziness.  sewing and talking….not such a good idea:)  i had a few mishaps of my own, let’s just say that a seam ripper was a necessity!


here’s my finished product from saturday.  i should have taken it off and re-ironed it before i let eric take this picture.  i had been wearing it all day at this point:)  i’m pretty much in love with these seagulls…..i have yet to see rendy’s final product.  soon i hope:)

oh ya, her name is rendy, you can check her out here…could her family be any cuter??

for sale…

May 8, 2009

i am selling some of my equipment that isn’t getting used since the addition of my new baby  (d700:)

here it is:

Nikon D200 $700 (4G CF card and The PIP Expanded Guide to the D200 included)

Sigma 30mm F1.4 $375 (this is hard to let go of, it’s my most favorite lens!  tack sharp, and the perfect focal length on a dx sensor…if only it was full frame:)

Nikon 18-70mm F3.5-4.5 $200

will sell separate at these prices, or together for $1200.

shipping not included.

the camera body and 30mm have all original packaging and accesories.  also a few months remain on a transferrable warranty for each.  i bought them 9 mo. ago, so they are seriously still like new and have been VERY well taken care of.

18-70mm is super clean and well taken care of also.

contact me here or email me at

for liesl…

May 7, 2009

one of my favorite little ones (you can see her here) is going to be a big sister!  we got together on sunday morning to take some pictures of liesl and miss betta before the baby arrives.  i’m not sure they could be any sweeter!  they just moved back to portland from london, and i’m so glad they did…i’m excited to hear when the new one makes his debut and we can get together again!

it was a beautiful sunday morning  (surprisingly:)  and we were able to venture outside and onto NW 23rd after taking advantage of the light coming in through the windows…








i couldn’t resist the last one.  how could you not love that face?  I can’t wait to meet her brother!

i’m so glad…

May 6, 2009

we did a re-shoot.









remember these sweet faces…we had a session at the beautiful orchard a couple of weeks ago.  this session couldn’t have been more different.  i knocked on their door and was greeted by two very excited little ones.  they were anxious to show me their play room and take me out back in their awesome back yard.  we had a great time, and i feel like i was able to capture them in their environment, and it wasn’t wet and freezing…that’s always a plus:)