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meet winston.

June 29, 2009

i got to meet this sweet little guy on saturday morning.  he finally decided to make his arrival almost two weeks ago.  i have had the opportunity to photograph his sister and family a few times before, and it’s so fun to get to capture a little part of their beautiful family as they grow:)  you can see their previous sessions here and here.

winston wasn’t in the mood to sleep much, but it worked out just right.  enjoy:)




i couldn’t resist a snapping a few of betta as she and her momma walked me out once our session was over.  she’s going to be the best big sister…such a sweet heart, and look at those little hands…love it.

tahoe beach…

June 21, 2009

i don’t know what my problem is…but i can’t seem to get through all of our tahoe pics.

so, i’m just going to post what i have as of now.  these are a mix of my favorites from our days at the beach.


squirt anyone?


i can’t get over dylan’s face in this one.




can you get over that sky?


this is what i get when i ask if i can take a picture of them together:


a little bribery gets me this:


i can’t get over this picture of my eli.  the scars, the freckles, the perfection.   his face just gets me:


how in the world can dylan be SO dirty and so stinkin’ cute at the same time?


and this belly. what can i say?  it’s my all time fave….


so there you have it.  our beach pictures.  it’s missing me.  and most of eric.  and the beautiful sunburns we suffered.  but who wants to see that?  the boys are all that matters:)  and that amazing tahoe view.  i want to go back right about now:)

our after wedding session at various locations on the north shore of lake tahoe.  we had so much fun, and i’m so happy i was a ble to do this with matt and paula!  these are my favorites so far:

















bad blogger

June 6, 2009

i have neglected my blog lately.  we have been back from our vacation and my brother’s wedding for a week, and i have yet to blog any of the pictures from our time.  i have a lot to share, though and i hope that in the next few days i will get some things up here.  i had minor surgery done on my foot this morning, so i am basically stuck on my couch…that might help me get some of  this done since i can’t do much else:)

i will share a picture of my beautiful boys the morning of my brother’s wedding.  paula (my new SIL) asked me to make these little vests and ties for the boys to match my brother’s.  they turned out pretty good…i especially love the black vans that all the guys in the wedding party wore…too cute!


a couple of days before the wedding my sister jessica was playing with dylan’s hair and putting sunglasses in him.  the next morning he told eric ” aunt jessica thinks i look like edward from twiwight”.  so we did his hair like that for the wedding, and he loved it!  he thanked me for making his hair “fwuffy”.

we had four days at our family condo in tahoe before the rest of the family arrived.  we spent it hiking and soaking up the rays at the beaches.  it was so nice to get away with my three boys, and just spend time as a family. lots to share from all of that.

after the wedding on saturday early afternoon, i was able to take my brother and his new wife out to some amazing locations around the lake to photograph them.  tons to share from our afternoon together…

and two weeks ago today my friend rendy and i ventured into downtown portland with paula in her wedding dress, and take some amazing bridals.  everywhere from a park, and an old building to shooting inside anthropologie and powell’s bookstore.  she was fearless in her dress, and it made the pictures that much more fun and creative.  we ended the evening in a field out here in battle ground at sunset.  more to share from that than you can imagine.

as you can see i have so MUCH to get through so that i can put it up here for you all to see.  sooon i hope:)

please check back…