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a taste of spring…

February 7, 2010

what an amazing couple of days we have had here.  the sun has made a much welcomed visit.  and much fun, laughter, play and creating has taken place.  it’s so interesting to see what a little sun and warmth can inspire:)




dylan is VERY serious about his hopscotch.  i just love all of the expressions that cross his perfect little face when he is concentrating:)

while i like to think of myself as a somewhat creative person, i’m not great at coming up with fun activities for my boys off of the top of my head.  and i LOVE when we can have an activity that pairs creativity with learning that doesn’t require a run to the store to gather supplies.  that’s where “The Games Book” comes in.  i found it before christmas and thought it would make a great stocking stuffer.  (but i of course hid it too well, and couldn’t find it when christmas eve rolled around:)  so we are just now digging into it.  in the last three days we have played TONS of “the games of yesterday”.  there are so many games in this book that eric and i played as kids, but we have since forgotten about them, or if we remembered, we needed a refresher on the rules.  as simple as “shadow tag” and as complex as “capture the flag” and everything in between.

the four of us spent about an hour last night playing “sardines” with the boys before bed.  like hide and go seek, but different because when you find a person you hide with them until the other seeker finds all of you.  in our little 1300 square foot house, there aren’t a lot of hiding spaces, but let me tell you, the boys were extremely creative in their ideas, and every round ended with screams and laughs that i will remember for the rest of my life.  so incredidbly simple, but i can already hear an older eli or dylan saying “remember when we all used to play sardines before bed?”

at the end of each round dylan kept saying “can we play ONE MORE hand? pleeease!?”  we usually end the evening with a few hands of UNO in which that question is expected, but i loved that it made sense to him to say it for sardines!

okay, now that i have completely gotten off subject…here is some more of friday afternoon.  the boys got these model kits from their aunt jamie and uncle matt for christmas.  it was a perfect activity to finish the afternoon outside…





here’s hoping we get some more sunny days…but even if the sun doesn’t cast it’s warm glow on us for awhile, that we create our own warm glow by just playing and loving eachother….simply ;)