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May 30, 2010




i hope that seeing these beautiful creatures out our windows and off our deck never gets old…i love how you can see the wonder in my children in these still images of them from the back.  like they are holding their breath and staying super still so as not to scare off the deer.  this is a precious time in our lives.  so much discovery and newness:)


May 21, 2010



our lives have changed a lot in the last 2 months…we have sold our house, lived in our friends basement, moved into our new home, and lost a tooth.  somehow, eli things the tooth losing is the most exciting…go figure:)  just wanted to stop by and say that i’m still alive.  there is so much to post about…but my mommy and little sis are here visiting and checking out our new property.  so next week i’ll update here on the blog:)  till then…