so far behind.

November 14, 2010

this has literally been the craziest year of our lives.  i guess it would seem normal that i feel like i’m running about 2500 steps behind the now.  just trying to pick up pieces that have fallen through the cracks of the last 9 months.  i’m ready to be present.  i’m just not sure how to go about that.  do i just leave what’s chillin’ undone in the past?  or do i keep playing catch up?  you see, these things haunt me in the night, in the day, in my work, in every aspect of my life.  so i ask you blog readers (if i even have any anymore…since as you see i am SO far behind in posting anything)  how do you do it?  how do you manage to keep up on everything?  and if you don’t, how do you let things go.  i need tools.

eric would tell me to not take on so much.  that seems pretty simple, ya?  well, i just have too many things that i love.

sometimes i just wish that i could lose the computer and the cell phone and live like i’m in the prairie days.  (you know what i mean…)  but that just isn’t an option.  i mean my business depends on those two things.

with all that said, i would love some tips on how ya’ll manage your home, children, work, marriage, laundry, hobbies, cooking meals (this is a big one for me) and just plain time.

here are some photos of a wonderful evening we spent taking time away from all the crazy and focused on our boys.  i kinda feel like this night marked the beginning of a re-focus if you will.  as much as we love our new home, it has two very distinct sides.  1.  it is so peaceful and relaxing, and it’s my favorite place to be.  and 2. it is constant work, a time suck, a money suck and unfortunately (and fortunately) all of the potential to be the most amazing forever family home.  (notice the word potential:)

we needed a break, and we did just that.  we escaped our escape.












a perfect evening.

seriously though…any tips would be appreciated…

rendy: Well, if you ask me you're doing good to have a. taken pictures of your family and b. edited those pictures. I agree with Eric. You've got to learn to say no and not take on so much. It's really hard for me too. Also, you need to be able to accept that you can't be awesome at everything. And you're already awesome at so much so who cares if you're not Betty Crocker?! My house is almost ALWAYS a disaster and my dishes are never clean. But most of the time my kids are happy. :) Good luck finding the balance.

Megan: Beth, I think you sell yourself short, saying that you are so far behind. The things that get left undone are sometimes that way for a reason. I also think that anymore there is too much emphasis on perfection where it doesn't really matter; the dishes, cooking, laundry, staying constantly up to date, etc. and not enough in the areas where it makes all the difference in the world; family, morals, and integrity. I know I don't know as well as a lot of people, but I think I know you well enough to say that you have the most important areas covered and the others you do your best in and that's all you can do. Just don't ever sacrifice the really important things in order to meet some unrealistic standard society/we sets for us. Hope this helps.

terra: so good to see an update! your boys are getting so big. i think its impossible to always be up to date or on top of things...we do the best we can. i am sure you are doing a fantastic job all around! :) keep up the good work...good to see you back my friend :)