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May 19, 2011

almost 27 weeks baby!  this little girl is already giving me a run for my money:)  and yes, i know that i cut my head off in every photo, but my skin is off the hook with this pregnancy, and to be honest it does no good to cover it up, and it hurts too much anyway.  so ya’ll are gonna have to deal with headless shots until something changes…;)


wouldn’t you rather look at these perfect faces anyway?  i know i would.  eli lost his other top tooth at school last week.  he looks so different already!


last night dylan finally pulled out his first tooth.  thank goodness, cause i couldn’t handle it just hanging there any longer!  i love how proud he looks!  and of course he had to write the tooth fairy a little note….( please excuse the cell phone pics. mama was too tired to get the big camera out:)


today was eventful.  dylan crashed REALLY bad on his bike on our gravel driveway and messed up his little knee and elbows pretty bad.  he even scraped up his precious face.  as i saw it happening, i ran to him, scooped him up and ran in the house.  he cried and begged for about a half hour for me not to clean it out.  it was heartbreaking!  his knee is the worst, but by the time we needed to leave for his game, he was pretty proud of his scrape on his face…such a boy!

while bored in the dugout he was messing with his other tooth, and pulled it out!  every time he batted, he would get on base and you would see him talking to either the base coach or the baseman showing them his face and his teeth.


he made sure to write the tooth fairy another note…i love him.

i’ve been recovering the past couple of days from my trip with Aunt Tam to The International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City that we attended last weekend.  it was a SUPER successful trip, and i will be sharing more in the next few days.  be prepared for lots of beautiful images of fabric that we have to look forward to coming soon!


May 4, 2011

means baseball.  that is what our life is right now:)   between the two boys we have 4 games a week and possible practices.  it’s a little crazy to keep up with, but so worth it:)  they look so cute out there in their uniforms looking all professional and stuff…



dylan hasn’t decided whether he likes it or not.  he can be quite the complainer sometimes when he is playing outfield, but he takes batting and running the bases pretty seriously:)


this little guy is growing up before my eyes.  he lost his first top tooth last week, and he looks so different to me.  the one next to it is going to fall out any day,  and then come the big ‘uns.  his little boy face is almost gone ;(  but look at how handsome he is becoming…

dylan is about ready to lose his first tooth, and he is eagerly anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy.  i hope the fairy remembers that eli got $5 for his first tooth, cause i’m pretty sure that dylan is counting on the same…

belly-and-babyroom-010web1this little girly is almost 25 weeks.  it’s going so fast…probably cause we are so busy:)  i can’t stop myself from working on getting things ready for her.  i just finished sewing all of her bedding last week, and i put two coats of paint on the dresser this afternoon.  i waiting on a replacement part for the crib to get here so i can set it all up, and there will be lots of pictures to share.  i keep telling myself that i’m only gonna get bigger, and the weather is only gonna get hotter, so now is the time to get all of this done.  i think i am doing pretty darn good at this point.  hopefully i don’t lose this motivation before i get it all done…

i’ll be back soon with visual updates of her room….and dylan’s toothless grin ;)