drumroll please…

June 20, 2011

i picked up these mid-century bergere chairs at value village about a year ago for $22 for the pair.  i loved the original upholstery, but as the living room came together they looked more and more dingy.  the original feather cushions would not hold their shape either.  i actually hated it when anyone would sit in them because when they got up there would be a booty print left in the seat.  i was constantly fluffing them:)


here is how they look now:


i fell in love with this fabric the minute i saw it.  knowing that i wanted to stick with the yellow from the original upholstery this was a perfect choice.  i primed a painted the frames black after i pulled all of the old fabric off and got started on putting them back together.  it took me a long time, because i just worked on them when i had time here and there.  it was fun figuring out how to do it, and if i wasn’t sure how to something i would google it and would inevitably come up with several tutorials and videos telling me how to move forward.


i took the cushions into a local upholsterer and had him re-stuff them.  so glad i did!  he only charged me $25 per chair and considering what i paid for the chairs themselves, it was a no brainer:)


i’ll try to get some photos today or tomorrow of the whole room.  and i was extremely blessed with a beautiful shower for baby girl over the weekend.  i will make sure and get some photos up soon of the celebration!

Anna Norman: Ummmmm....I have no comment for how amazing you are :) God sure has given you something special! Where did you learn to upholster? Also, where is that rug from? Girl-so talented are you.

terra: um, could you come to my house and work your magic? your talents are amazing!