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all because…

July 6, 2011

they wanted mustaches from the 50 cent machine at Petco…



i might just have snapped my favorite pictures of these crazies to date.  (i SWEAR i did not coach eli to twirl his stache…that was allllll him ;)  i’m thinking i need to do something big with these…any display ideas?

there is something a little creepy about the ones of eli.  the combination of his wild hair, the mustache and his missing teeth…and doesn’t he remind you a little of david spade in the pictures?  i wouldn’t say that (cause come on, who would want to look like david spade?)  except  that my boy is gorgeous, and he is bound to be much taller than 5 foot;)  anyway, my whole family was looking at me like i was losing it as i was editing these and wiping tears from my face and laughing so hard that i couldn’t form words.  there have been lots of tears today, so i’m glad that the day ended with happy tears:)  (i’m SO over-emotional right now…blame it on the pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pregnancy…:)

and how could i not include this one:


oh my gosh…i’m crying-laughing again just from scrolling down past the picture to type this.  it’s killin’ me…..

do you think i’m losing it?

shower numero uno…

July 4, 2011

i was blessed by a group of amazing women with a celebration for our sweet baby girl!  the day started with my beautiful and talented friend tamar showing up and transforming my house into the perfect setting for the day…


then came shannon and joanne with delicious food and desserts to set up and fun games to prepare.  thank you so much girls for putting this together for me and baby girl!  you are all my family here and i am so grateful for each of you!

here are some photos from the party…it was a small gathering, but i think that it was exactly right:)

*some photos taken by my talented friend rachel:)


a perfect day!  and as you can see the theme of the gifts was a clean baby!  :)

thank you girls!