all because…

July 6, 2011

they wanted mustaches from the 50 cent machine at Petco…



i might just have snapped my favorite pictures of these crazies to date.  (i SWEAR i did not coach eli to twirl his stache…that was allllll him ;)  i’m thinking i need to do something big with these…any display ideas?

there is something a little creepy about the ones of eli.  the combination of his wild hair, the mustache and his missing teeth…and doesn’t he remind you a little of david spade in the pictures?  i wouldn’t say that (cause come on, who would want to look like david spade?)  except  that my boy is gorgeous, and he is bound to be much taller than 5 foot;)  anyway, my whole family was looking at me like i was losing it as i was editing these and wiping tears from my face and laughing so hard that i couldn’t form words.  there have been lots of tears today, so i’m glad that the day ended with happy tears:)  (i’m SO over-emotional right now…blame it on the pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pregnancy…:)

and how could i not include this one:


oh my gosh…i’m crying-laughing again just from scrolling down past the picture to type this.  it’s killin’ me…..

do you think i’m losing it?

stephanie from the whispering creek house: love these Beth!! so cute! you should have them made into huge canvas pictures! Eli looks like a 70's rock star in a rolling stones magazine!!!

Cassie: Love them! They are so great. :)