so many…

August 29, 2010

sessions to share from this crazy summer.  so i think i will start with the most recent and work my way back…how does that sound?

i had the pleasure of meeting up with this beautiful family again this last week.  there are some pretty exciting stuff happening for these brothers…the little guy was turning 2 the following day:)  and big brother is starting his senior year in the next couple of weeks!  a perfect time to take pictures:)  so here is a peek of our time together…




so much to share

July 17, 2010

we just drove in from california…the traffic in portland made it a mere 14 hours loooooong.  but please look at this face that was waiting on my computer to be edited:


my cousin, nicole’s little guy.  he is so incredible!  you can see him the last time we got together here.

so many beautiful images from sessions as well as pictures of the fun that was had by my sweet boys with their cousins and friends.  i’ll be back in the next day or so…i promise:)


May 30, 2010




i hope that seeing these beautiful creatures out our windows and off our deck never gets old…i love how you can see the wonder in my children in these still images of them from the back.  like they are holding their breath and staying super still so as not to scare off the deer.  this is a precious time in our lives.  so much discovery and newness:)

terra: wow, that is so wonderful to get to see that everyday!

terra: i meant to ask you last time...what is the name of your wall color (if you don't mind sharing?) i am looking for a new beige color for my living room walls...mine are looking drab. thanks! :)

Karyn: How pretty! I bet the boys are loving the space, nature, and animals!! Can't wait to see more pics!!


May 21, 2010



our lives have changed a lot in the last 2 months…we have sold our house, lived in our friends basement, moved into our new home, and lost a tooth.  somehow, eli things the tooth losing is the most exciting…go figure:)  just wanted to stop by and say that i’m still alive.  there is so much to post about…but my mommy and little sis are here visiting and checking out our new property.  so next week i’ll update here on the blog:)  till then…

terra: glad to see you back, even if its just for a second :) glad all is well with you, can't wait to see pics of your new property!


My little leprechauns!  we got to celebrate at O’brady’s this afternoon with green ice cream, face painting and balloons…it was a nice distraction from the craziness that is our home right now. 

we sold our house, we have to be out in 9 days, and we are in escrow on a home just north of here on 5 acres.  that’s right, i am a farm girl at heart:)  i can hardly believe it, but eric and i have dreamed about this since we met 10 years ago.  a place where we can raise our children and they will have room to run!  i think 5 acres qualifies…it is a beautiful piece of property that has been cleared with the exception of old trees running the back of the land along a creek.  our boys will be in heaven!  and i can’t help but dream of the pictures i can take…

this is what is keeping me going…our home is in complete disarray, and the next 40 days in escrow are going to be quite interesting:)  but the future is looking very bright for our little family…

i have some beautiful sessions from the last couple of months that i need to share, so check back for those.

terra: congratulations on your new home! its sounds beautiful and just think of all the gorgeous pictures you can take on all those acres!! what a great opportunity!

a taste of spring…

February 7, 2010

what an amazing couple of days we have had here.  the sun has made a much welcomed visit.  and much fun, laughter, play and creating has taken place.  it’s so interesting to see what a little sun and warmth can inspire:)




dylan is VERY serious about his hopscotch.  i just love all of the expressions that cross his perfect little face when he is concentrating:)

while i like to think of myself as a somewhat creative person, i’m not great at coming up with fun activities for my boys off of the top of my head.  and i LOVE when we can have an activity that pairs creativity with learning that doesn’t require a run to the store to gather supplies.  that’s where “The Games Book” comes in.  i found it before christmas and thought it would make a great stocking stuffer.  (but i of course hid it too well, and couldn’t find it when christmas eve rolled around:)  so we are just now digging into it.  in the last three days we have played TONS of “the games of yesterday”.  there are so many games in this book that eric and i played as kids, but we have since forgotten about them, or if we remembered, we needed a refresher on the rules.  as simple as “shadow tag” and as complex as “capture the flag” and everything in between.

the four of us spent about an hour last night playing “sardines” with the boys before bed.  like hide and go seek, but different because when you find a person you hide with them until the other seeker finds all of you.  in our little 1300 square foot house, there aren’t a lot of hiding spaces, but let me tell you, the boys were extremely creative in their ideas, and every round ended with screams and laughs that i will remember for the rest of my life.  so incredidbly simple, but i can already hear an older eli or dylan saying “remember when we all used to play sardines before bed?”

at the end of each round dylan kept saying “can we play ONE MORE hand? pleeease!?”  we usually end the evening with a few hands of UNO in which that question is expected, but i loved that it made sense to him to say it for sardines!

okay, now that i have completely gotten off subject…here is some more of friday afternoon.  the boys got these model kits from their aunt jamie and uncle matt for christmas.  it was a perfect activity to finish the afternoon outside…





here’s hoping we get some more sunny days…but even if the sun doesn’t cast it’s warm glow on us for awhile, that we create our own warm glow by just playing and loving eachother….simply ;)

vivian: So much fun! What a be-U-tiful day you all had. Eli & Dylan are blessed to have you and Eric for parents.

Paula: awwww you guys are so cute!! how fun! have you heard of the dangerous book for boys before? it's full of fun things that little boys love.

josiah michael: these pictures make me happy! such a good feeling!

Mary: Hi Beth! I haven't been to your blog in a while and just stopped in......your boys are getting so big! They are adorable! Your pictures are beautiful, as always!


January 10, 2010

after settling in from church this morning i was taking a break at my computer, checking out what etsy had listed on the front page, and i looked over and this is what i saw:


my life all piled onto one little chair (it really is verrrrry little:).  they were watching some football before heading outside to get some work done.  (well, the boys were watching football, miss jaydah {my kitty} was gazing out the window.)

i am one blessed woman.  i really am.   i get to look into those three beautiful faces each and every day.  what a view.

it doesn’t get much better than this.


terra: that's the have a beautiful family!

vivian: Beautiful, brings tears to my eyes.

January 1, 2010


Mimi: So much fun! You know how to have a party Beth!

Karyn: Looks like such a fun time! Happy New Year!

Paula: i love how dylan always wears his incredibles outfit!

maureen: you are such a good photographer and mama! i wish we lived by each other! rock on!!!!!!!!!

somebody turned 6!

December 28, 2009

we celebrate eli’s birthday by going out to breakfast on christmas eve  morning so eli gets his moment apart from the holiday festivities.  this year we met eric’s family at elmers.  the food was yummy, and eli was perfectly happy with his chocolate chip pancakes:)


dylan giving his gift to eli.  don’t you love his little handwriting on the bag?


these are taken at eric’s parents house after breakfast.  we got eli a microscope for his birthday.  he is SO incredibly excited about it!  he came out of the dining room announcing that he was a “mad scientist”, so i had to take that picture of him and his aunt jamie:)


i love you mister eli!

terra: Happy Birthday, Eli!

tree hunting.

December 23, 2009

how is it possible that tomorrow is christmas eve?  and my baby will be 6?  i haven’t even gotten through thanksgiving pictures…i was just sitting here looking at our tree, and thought it might be good to post about our tree hunting trip.  it was a beautiful morning.  but SUPER cold!  we packed up donuts and hot chocolate and headed up the mountain in search of a perfect tree.  now, i always have a perfect idea of what these outings should be like, and let’s just say that it’s full of a little more complaining and crying than i planned for.  but memories were made, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

the ice mixed with the morning sun made for some pretty little masterpieces for us to marvel at:



here are the boys digging in.  and of course spilling their hot chocolate all over the back of the truck ;)



eric caught this of my eli and i.  love it.  even if i do look extra tired, and my face is make-upless:)


i used the hood of our truck to get this family picture.  everyone always complains when i ask to take a picture of all of us, but i’m glad i insisted this time.  i LOVE this picture of us!


after our stop for refreshments, we strapped back in to the truck and continued up the mountain.  this here is one of dylan’s happier moments.  he found a piece of snow (ice) that was shaped like a heart.  he was pretty excited:)


and then we found it.  the tree of our 2009 dreams.  and well to be honest, i was tired of dylan crying, eli kicking ice on dylan, and a caravan of people had just gotten stuck about 200 feet in front of us.  we couldn’t go much further:)  my handsome strong man proceeded to cut it down when the saw broke mid cut.  but he prevailed, and here he is single handedly cutting, dragging and lifting our 12 foot christmas tree.  (much better than the 16 footer that we came home with last year:)


here you can see some pics 2008 and 2007 tree hunting.

Tamar: Beth, I love each and every one of these.

Bonnie: just love how your pictures tell the story. i really love how the picture of you and eli looks so warm, like the sun is shining down over his shoulder. great pics as usual (= i love your blog!